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Plant Based Skin Repair

"Heals like the Skin You're In"


NeuEsse Inc.’s mission is to provide technology to embrace the many challenges of maintaining healthy skin. Our bodies are 60% skin and we all have a need to repair that skin multiple times in our lives. Whether to provide treatment for severe burns, wounds and trauma or to repair and rejuvenate skin after biopsies or cosmetic procedures, we all have a need for healing of our skin.

Our flagship product OmegaSkin™ is a human skin substitute made from naturally occurring soy Protein. OmegaSkin is a readily available skin substitute that requires no handling issues such as laboratory preparation, refrigeration or other obstacles posed by competitive therapies. This novel scaffold dressing is designed to enhance outcomes and quality of life for patients who have suffered wounds, burns, skin disrupting ulcers, and other skin/epidermal injuries. Our mission is to provide help to millions of people from injured, diseased, traumatized, and aging skin.

Our innovative technology is designed to target the unmet needs in multiple Wound Treatment scenarios including, Decubitus (“bedsores”) Pressure Ulcers, Diabetic Foot Ulcers, Biopsies, MOHS Surgery, Chronic and Acute Wounds, and Burns.


The execution of our mission includes methods to improve patient treatment by applying a plant-based human skin substitute at the point of injury in any environment. OmegaSkin is designed to be immediately available off-the-shelf sheets that are pre-made and require no special storage or handling. 

OmegaSkin has been proven to heal full thickness wounds with minimal to no scarring. Further in a patient’s favor is the healed wound will have fully functioning hair follicles and sweat glands. Thus OmegaSkin “Heals like the Skin You’re in.”

We have a robust pipeline of products which includes liquid sprayable skin and a proprietary handheld electrospinner for delivery. NeuEsse is developing the portable spinner to deliver other products for aging and traumatized skin such as wrinkle and rejuvenation compounds and will be prominent in Dermatology. The application device is designed to reduce application pain in wound patients where direct manual treatments can be painful. 

Our OmegaSkin™ will provide off-the-shelf solutions in pre-manufactured sheets and a handheld portable device for no-touch applications of our Liquid Skin and other commercial therapeutics.

The execution of

Our Vision

These plant based skin repair products are all natural and do not contain any animal byproducts, are completely renewable, promote healing with minimal scarring, and leave functioning hair follicles and sweat glands intact.

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How we make a difference

Our Revolutionary Products

Our products are like nothing on the market currently. They are completely sustainable, made from vegan-friendly soybeans, require no refrigeration, and help a variety of skin wounds heal faster and safer than existing methods.


Our plant-based dressing is electrospun into standard or custom-sized sheets for shelf storage & immediate application.


Superior wound closure with minimal to no scarring

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Porous Gradient Skin

A unique gradient porous structure from soy protein isolate with improved pore size for increased macrophage infilitration.

Porous Gradient Skin

Improved treatment for chronic non-healing wounds

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QuikSkin Liquid Skin

QuikSkin offers the same cost advantages, minimal to no scarring during healing, ease of application and addresses a large unmet need for chronic, surgical and acute wounds.

QuikSkin Liquid Skin

Provides a smooth and uniform wound covering

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Joseph P. Connell




Expertise backed by experience

Joe Connell Founder/CEO brings more than 38 years of pharmaceutical and biotechnology sales, marketing and executive management experience. His career started as a Pharmaceutical Sales representative with Roche Laboratories. He has had roles of increasing responsibility, including as Vice President of Sales, COO, President and CEO, of startup and specialty pharmaceutical companies with global responsibilities.

News & Updates

Stay up to speed on our latest happenings!

NeuEsse to Attend BIONNALE 2022

We are excited to announce that NeuEsse will be attending the virtual #BIONNALE b2 matchmaking event this year! "Bionnale is the biggest networking event for life sciences and healthcare industries in the German capital".

LHMS Video Presentation

Here is a short video detailing how NeuEsse Inc. products are created from Soybeans and the backstory on why it was created!

Video Presentation | Emerging Medtech Summit 2021

In the process of getting FDA approval and more testing, NeuEsse has been making many efforts in getting our innovative products known to consumers and corporations. Check out our CEO, Joseph Connell's speech for the Emerging Medtech Summit!