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Skin Barrier Repair Products


OmegaSkin™ Patches Non-healing skin wounds, burns and pressure ulcers affect nearly five million Americans each year and translate into multi-billions of dollars of healthcare costs annually. Current treatments include skin
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QuikSkin Liquid Skin

QuikSkin​ QuikSkin is the liquid version of our Soy Protein Isolate human skin substitute.  Coupled with our proprietary hand-held portable spin blower, a healthcare professional can apply a smooth and
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Portable Electro-Spinner

Portable Electrospinner​ Over 30,000 people suffer new burns worldwide every day that are severe enough to warrant medical attention, reflecting an estimated 11 million new burns each year globally.1 The
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Porous Gradient Skin

Porous Gradient Skin Engineering therapeutic approaches to wound healing can be divided into two major categories of fibrous and non-fibrous approaches. There has been significant progress in designing artificial skin
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