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Wound Care Markets

Neuesse offers products for a variety of wound care markets. The list below is not all-inclusive to just these markets, but they are common markets where the wound care products NeuEsse offers could be very useful.

Please visit the markets below to see how our products are typically used in these applications.


Hospital Wound Care Hospital Wound Care Wounds seen in the hospital are frequently acute, trauma, burns or surgical in nature. The need for advanced wound care products is increasing owing
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Dermatology Offices

Dermatology Dermatology The dermatology market is a $16 billion market that is expected to grow at a 2.3 percent compounded annual growth rate through 2024 These attractive market characteristics are
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Wound Clinics

Wound Care Centers Wound Care Centers The U.S. wound care centers market is estimated to account for USD 13 billion in 2019 and is expected to exhibit a CAGR of
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Nursing Homes

NURSING HOMES Nursing homes offer the most extensive care an elderly or disabled person can receive outside of a hospital. Nursing homes offer services to help with custodial as well
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MILITARY Warfighters and Veterans receive wounds or burns in training, on the battlefield, or during non-active duty. The current treatment to repair the damage is the application of surgical mesh-grafting
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