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Venous Stasis Ulcers

Venous Stasis Ulcer

In directly treating venous ulcers, the primary goals are keeping the ulcer site infection-free during the healing process and alleviating edema of the site. Debridement to remove dead tissue and surface contamination may help to change the wound from chronic to acute, at which point it can progress through the regular stages of healing.

In extreme cases, surgical skin grafts can be used for abnormally large or painful venous ulcers to properly heal. There may be options to employ OmegaSkin readily available sheets or apply a coat of liquid QuikSkin. Preventing skin grafting as often as possible alleviates the wounds and scars caused by skin harvesting. The wound environment should typically be moist, with dressings changed as infrequently as possible because changing dressings removes both healthy cells and debris. OmegaSkin™ has the advantage here of not being removed from the wound bed. As OmegaSkin is a supporting scaffold of pure protein, it enters the wound, absorbs all the embedded exudate and becomes a part of the patient. This advantage allows healthy cells to remain intact.