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QuikSkin is the liquid version of our Soy Protein Isolate human skin substitute.  Coupled with our proprietary hand-held portable spin blower, a healthcare professional can apply a smooth and uniform wound covering with a touch-free advantage.

The convenience and efficacy of applying QuikSkin to hard to cover areas such as Diabetic Foot Ulcers and burns give the advantage of adherence to the wound and effective healing for bedsores, venous stasis ulcers and dermatological situations. The liquid skin will not crack, peel or leave the [patient uncovered for healing as so many occlusive dressings do.

QuikSkin offers the same cost advantages, minimal to no scarring during healing, ease of application and addresses a large unmet need for chronic, surgical and acute wounds.  There is a reduced incidence of infection or bioburden presented by animal and cadaver skin substitutes.  The innovation of a liquid skin covering with minimal to no scarring offers an attractive option for surgical, C-Section, biopsies and MOHS Surgery procedures. 

NeuEsse’ hand-held, battery-operated, portable device with a pre-filled, sterile, disposable, single-use syringe that contains our biocompatible, & biodegradable OmegaSkin, is our solution to touchless application of not only QuikSkin but chitosan, Hyaluronic acid and various other therapeutics.

NeuEsse is developing a variety of ‎disposable syringes for medical and non-medical conditions. The electrospun scaffold is an excellent ‎vehicle for drug delivery with strong binding for growth factors, stem cells and antimicrobials.

Dermatology applications include biopsies, post-laser ablation, Nevus removal and aesthetics.  The soy-based scaffold affords the patient the perfect environment for complete and thorough healing.  QuikSkin does not limit mobility and patients enjoy greater efficacy, complete cultural acceptance at a cost-effective price.