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Nursing homes offer the most extensive care an elderly or disabled person can receive outside of a hospital. Nursing homes offer services to help with custodial as well as skilled nursing care. Skilled nursing care is typically administered by a registered nurse and includes medical monitoring and treatments. Because of aging of the baby boomer generation, there is a critical need for more capacity with projected resident population of those 65 and older (those who are most likely to need long-term services) to grow dramatically. Recent data from the ACL shows growth from 38.8 million to over 52.4 million from 2008-2018 and projects the population to reach 94.7 million by 2060.

The aging and sickly residents of nursing homes often suffer from frailty of skin which lead them to suffer from chronic and non-healing wounds. Many of the residents will be stationary and non-ambulatory, resulting in them suffering from decubitus ulcers or bedsores. Still others will endure Diabetic Foot Ulcers with co-morbidity and risk factors related to their age.

OmegaSkin™ offers clinicians a cost-effective option to treat patients with a skin substitute derived from plant sources (soy protein). Our human skin substitute will be available in off-the-shelf sheets that have been proven to heal a full thickness wound with minimal to no scarring.  Patients will have fully functioning hair follicles and sweat glands as opposed to thick slick scars from conventional bandages.  NeuEsse is developing our liquid sprayable skin substitute as part of our rich pipeline of wound care and dermatology technologies. This will enable treatment of wounds, ulcers and burns with a touch-free benefit.

This makes OmegaSkin™ an attractive option for treating wounds, bedsores, burns and diabetic foot ulcers as it will be readily available, extremely affordable and in animal studies has offered a closure with more complete wound bed revascularization and minimal scarring.  There will be advantages of cost, efficacy, appearance and convenience as OmegaSkin is affordable and ready to use.

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