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Warfighters and Veterans receive wounds or burns in training, on the battlefield, or during non-active duty. The current treatment to repair the damage is the application of surgical mesh-grafting or skin that is harvested from the patient’s own body or from cadavers, placental materials, animals or other sources. Harvested skin requires a decellularization and recellularization (growing) process in a sterile lab which is then applied to the patient to cover or dress the wound/burn. This “skin harvesting and growth process” can be very time-consuming, painful, and extremely costly.

More importantly, this process cannot be performed in a warzone where immediate treatment including debriding, bleeding cessation, applying anti-infection measures followed by coverage and protection of the injury, and evacuation to the next proper facility. The austere environments and rapid need for treatment demand that a solution is available STAT without elaborate preparation or handling issues. OmegaSkin offers a favorable solution for these patients.  There are no requirements for refrigeration or issues of handling to enable self-administration or medical personnel to use OmegaSkin in the war theater, field-based hospitals or VA.



OmegaSkin is immediately available for application in sheet form of 4” x 4”, 8” x 10” or in customized sizes requested. They are sterilized and packaged during manufacture and shipped directly to the customer for storage, included in field packs or to designated distribution centers or agents. The sheets are lightweight, do not require special handling or environmental/weather conditions. Refrigeration and storage issues are quite limiting for competitive therapies. See more under the OmegaSkin overview.



The current single-chamber technology provides the first two benefits (below); while the multi-chamber will provide all three benefits in any environment (battlefield, evacuation, field hospitals, VA centers, etc.):


Can administer various treatment options at the point of injury/care within the battle area before or during medical evacuation. Potential treatments would include our soy Liquid Skin for wounds or other commercial products such as anti-bleeding topical agents and debriding agents applied directly to the affected area in a “no-touch” format.

Depending on solution, the device may cover and protect damaged areas, repair and/or stabilize soft tissue wounds and burns to mitigate tissue damage and/or mitigate wound or burn infections and disease in austere environments, pre- and out-of-hospital, en-route/evacuation and other warfighters and VA care facilities.

Multi-Chamber Device: Will allow medical staff to swap between multiple products that can range from anti-bleeding therapeutics to antimicrobials, skin and impregnated occlusive combination dressing from the battlefield to field-based hospitals and the VA system providing a multi-faceted delivery at the point of trauma/care and beyond for our warfighters.


Immediate on-hand treatment options in sheet format or directly applied to injured warfighter via the “no-touch” handheld delivery prototype. This allows immediate personalized treatment application to help improve the treatment of wounds and burns to our warfighters. Either application method will help the body to close and heal prior to and during extraction from warzones to more suitable care locations.