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Portable Electrospinner​

Over 30,000 people suffer new burns worldwide every day that are severe enough to warrant medical attention, reflecting an estimated 11 million new burns each year globally.1 The majority of burns are partial thickness skin wounds, affecting the epidermis and the superficial parts of the dermis, requiring complex and sophisticated treatment protocols to heal the patient and hopefully prevent further damage and scarring from skin grafting. A crowded market of various skin substitutes and dressings have inherent drawbacks from their pig, cow, cadaver and placental origins.  The perfect skin substitute has yet to be introduced to clinicians and patients.  QuikSkin (Liquid OmegaSkin™) offers advantages of efficacy, convenience, cost and applicability to hard-to-reach body parts where normal dressings have a difficult time reaching or adhering to.

Our hand–held, portable blow spinner smoothly and safely applies QuikSkin to affected wounds, burns, bedsores, biopsies, MOHS Surgeries, surgery incisions as well as large and chronic hard-to-heal wounds.  The device is successfully in applying a soy protein skin substitute to wounds on any location of the body of any shape and size.

As opposed to skin substitutes of animal and cadaver sources, QuikSkin offers less risk of infection in a touch-free way to prevent the pain of applying to burns and sore ulcerations, thus alleviating the pain to patients. QuikSkin, just like OmegaSkin “Heals like the Skin you’re in”

This Extra Cellular Matrix (scaffold) provides a physical barrier to keep moisture in the wound bed and bacteria out.  More importantly, the soy skin spun onto the wound absorbs the wound exudate and becomes a part of the body.  Acting as a scaffold, the skin substitute helps in wound closure that minimizes scarring and leaves the patients with a better appearance, functioning hair follicles and sweat glands as opposed to the thick scars found with other occlusive dressings.

Our research shows that various therapeutics can be incorporated into the skin substitute such as antimicrobials, stem cells and growth factors.  This will open a huge opportunity to use the spray skin to be used in many new applications.  The ease of use, convenience, better appearance comes to the patients at a greatly reduced cost, making QuikSkin a valuable tool in the management of wounds and in Dermatological applications.